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Our Philosophy
ur mission is to show our customers that healthy should taste amazing! Our vision is led by our founder & CEO, Suzanne Parker, a registered dietitian and personal trainer who designs all of our recipes to showcase the healthiest gluten-free, non-GMO & organic ingredients. Our kitchen is run by several passionate foodies and we love to Wow you with every bite!


We make food that tastes amazing and also happens to be healthy! Made in our gluten-free kitchen, right here in San Antonio, our promise is to take care in adding every ingredient, so your meals and snacks are packed with a powerhouse of nutrition!


We invite you to explore the wonderful creations we craft every day in our kitchen and come to our location in San Antonio to take a bite and let your taste buds dance with flavor!

Suzanne Parker, Founder and Owner Powerhouse Bakery



Our Best Chefs


Gabby is our beautiful Red Head! Always ready with a can-do attitude and a smile. When Gabby is here we know the labels are in place and the dishes are going to sparkle!

Savory Chief


Watch out Rachel Ray, cause Chef Tia is on a roll! Give this wonderful lady a stocked frig and a handful of herbs and let her go! Able to bring any recipe to life, Tia’s real passion is to bring a smile to our customers with her joy of cooking. Oh, she makes Powerhouse smell amazing!!

All things vegan


This lady walks the walk! Eating vegan herself, she has a true passion for animals, our environment and the health of our customers! Not to mention she has an amazing eye to bring any vegan cake to life with dazzle!

Jeni Kellogg
Amazing Cakes

Jeni Kellogg

Jeni comes to Powerhouse from Nebraska. She graduated from Culinary School with a specialty in Bakery and Pastry in 2016. She truly has an eye for color! Her technical skill really shines when we put her on the task of creating new recipes too! She herself eats gluten free so really appreciates the needs of our clients!



Phillip Cerda comes to Powerhouse Bakery with over 15 years baking experience and loves to take on any new recipe with vengeance. He is meticulous, organized and makes our gluten free bread & cinnamon rolls a true art form. When you meet Phillip, you will have not doubt he walks the walk of fitness too!

Founder and CEO


Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer with a passion for the science of healthy. Suzanne is ready to lead the way in allergen friendly food that tastes amazing.

“ Take the very best care of the body God gave you! Its the only one you will get!!”


What They’re Saying

Connor Walker

Professional Cook

"Chef Walker developed his cooking skills over 20+ years of traveling in Thailand, where he learned from the best street vendors and home cooks. Back home, his Thai food has earned him a James Beard Award and a Michelin star for his restaurant."

Dylan Jameson

Professional Cook

"I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I mean A LOT. Before we had kids, back when I was a grad student, I would spend 1.5-2 hours per day making dinner. If we were having friends over I’d start pre-making things a week in advance. I loved every minute of it."

Nick Bohn

Professional Cook

"I knew that I needed to spend less time cooking but I was afraid that the food wouldn’t be as good or that I wouldn’t love cooking as much. I had to stay true to my inner cook and continue to make delicious homemade food. I just had to do it more simply and more quickly."

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