What are you training for?

Nutrition matters, and so do you!

Let our passionate team lead you through 90 days to Success! During this 3-month program we will help you build your very best Wellness Plan ever. We know there are many fad diets out there these days but what is best for YOU? Work with your very own registered dietitian to tailor a plan that works for you.

Find your ideal Meal Plan, then make it happen!
#1 Identify your goals
#2 Create a Plan
#3 Make it happen
In fact, we can even do all the cooking and planning for you!

Wellness Education by Nutrition Matters

Team Sessions

Topics Include:

  • Healthy Habits Start at Home
  • Tricks of the Trade in the kitchen
  • Making Meals a Family Affair
  • The Calorie Balance Equation
  • Goal Setting–Making Your Routine Priority
  • How Much is Enough? macronutrients, vitamins and supplements and FAD Diets
  • Dealing with Food Allergies, Intolerances and the picky eater
  • Healthy Habits from the Inside Out
  • Healthy Habits Take a Support Network and a Social Connection
  • Fitting Fitness IN: How to start an exercise routine minimizing injury
  • Strength Training 101
  • Endurance Training–Getting into Your Zone

Weigh In — weekly or bi-monthly check in
Body Composition using skinfold measurements
Meal Prep Discount – receive 25% off Powerhouse of Nutrition Meals designed just for you.
Pick up on Sundays, get 10 meals and weekly snacks to make it even easier to meet your goals.

Cooking Class ($35 per participant, minimum 5)
Group participates in the preparation of healthy menu, learning skills to enhance long-term
success of new behaviors. RD facilitates practicum in this fun interactive workshop.

Shopping Tour (H-E-B) ($30 per participant, minimum 5; includes food sampling during event)
A tour to help navigate the aisles, read labels and gain a better understanding of success in
the home meal planning, eating healthy on a budget and discovering nutrient density.

Powerhouse Foods for Health During Cancer Treatment

There is never a more critical time for good nutrition than when fighting a tough battle in Illness. Let Powerhouse Bakery help you get the protein, vitamins and antioxidants to build your strongest immune system ever!

Taking away the burden of shopping, planning and cooking is an added bonus for sure. All you need to do is call Suzanne, our CEO and Registered Dietitian and your breakfast, lunches and dinners can be taken off the to-do list so you can focus on getting the rest and healing you need.

You can also get a wonderful support system from one of Powerhouse Bakery’s most valued partner:
Thrivewell Cancer Foundation.


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