Founder and CEO

Registered Dietitian & Personal Trainer with a passion for the science of healthy. Suzanne is ready to lead the way in allergen friendly food that tastes amazing.
“ Take the very best care of the body God gave you! Its the only one you will get!!”

Suzanne has been a leader in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years. Her motto is Eat to Live and Love to EAT.

Currently, Suzanne is the Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Bakery at Nutrition Matters, Inc., which provides her the opportunity to not only counsel clients but to launch into manufacture & sales of her very own line of gluten free, super healthy baked goods and Healthy Meals To Go. “Never eat a food you don’t Love” is a phrase Suzanne likes to say, which is probably why she decided to create Powerhouse Bakery with the tag line: “Fully Loaded with Good Stuff!” This line of very special baked items not only tastes incredible, each recipe packs a huge nutritional punch-exactly what the active body needs to perform, grow and love life!

Before moving to San Antonio in 1998, she earned her degree in Dietetics with a minor in Exercise Physiology from University of California at Davis. She completed her graduate work in Atlanta at the Georgia Baptist Medical Center. Health and fitness has always been a passion for Suzanne. She earned certifications in kickboxing, Spin,Yoga, Pilates, and all forms of group exercise as well as individual personal training. As a supplement to her first job as a Dietitian, she started a recipe and therapeutic menu company in California, called “Body Lean Presents” where she also conducted her share of special event catering.

After turning 40, she earned her First Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts and is an avid triathlete. She enjoys dabbling in marathons & cycling tours as a way to explore the countryside. She has certification in Adult Weight Management and specializes in Sports Nutrition. She served as the Corporate Health and Wellness Coach for H-E-B where she took a leading role in creating the Slim Down Show Down, a lifestyle intervention program and weight loss competition for H-E-B Partners and Texans. She launched TEAM H-E-B, helping H-E-B Partners lead the drive to Move More in community events.

Suzanne not only has a passion for fitness, she is very at-home in the kitchen. She has taught culinary arts at the college level in California, and in Texas has enjoyed inspiring cooks of all levels in the corporate setting, as well as in front of the camera on local news shows. With the opening of her Bakery, she now holds regular cooking classes for her customers and supports physician’s wellness programs for Cancer prevention & establishing healthy behaviors.

Now that Suzanne is in her 50’s She says she is blessed with the opportunity to share God’s light through her love of teaching and inspiring healthy behaviors at Powerhouse Bakery.

Suzanne lives in Boerne Texas with her wonderful husband Todd . Together they have eight kids who love to come home and share good food and celebrate health!



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