Who knew Healthy could taste this good?

Lightly sweet, dense, luscious and no refined sugars. Not to mention allergen friendly is what we do best. At Powerhouse, we use only the finest organic ingredients in our baked goodies.

Celebration Cakes


This is where you can really dream big! Let us help you create your dream cake that everyone can enjoy. Allergen friendly AND these cakes taste amazing.

We have many flavors to choose from and these cakes are sure to please your sweet cravings.

Order your customized cake online or call us at 210-722-8464.



Just made with organic cherries, seeds and nuts, no grains at all. So that makes it a low carb treat that is loaded with essential minerals, healthy fats and bursting with flavor.

We spike it with a hint of warm spices too so your taste buds are dazzled! Goin’ Nuts in the Tub is a perfect carry-along for travel and a great snack for pre or post-workouts.

Some of us at the shop love prefer Goin Nuts Over Greek —yogurt that is. And we even have it available paired up with our vegan Cashew Yogurt.

Bars and Cookies


We make our signature Parker Bars and Cookies from scratch in our Powerhouse Bakery kitchen.

Dairy-Free & Nut Free: The Vegan Chocolate Chip (Classically soft, chewy and dunk-able) and The Coco-Crinkle (for the coconut lovers out there), this is your cookie. Flavored with coconut emulsion and wild blueberries its soft texture just melts in your mouth. This yummy cookie is grain free too.

Dairy-free with seeds & nuts: Try our Peanut-butter Crunch and Happy Baby cookies which are vegan – no dairy or eggs. Our Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie is so good, you don’t have to be vegan to love this one!

Parker Bars: These are made with a touch of honey, organic cherry juice, pistachios, Chia seeds, organic coconut flour, and oats. These energy bites pack a punch of flavor and fuel your workouts with a perfect blend of macros! We have two Vegan varieties: No Honey and Just organic Blue Agave and Cashew Chocolate Mint and Toasted Almond Blueberry.



We try to stay with a few flavors every season but it’s so hard to pick!  So here are our Fall favorites for now:

Dairy-Free & Nut Free:
Cocoa-Mint which is dense, chocolaty, and tastes a bit like a Thin Mint
Apple Awesome which contains chunks of fresh apples and warm spices

With Nuts & Greek Yogurt:
Nutty Monkey made with warm spices, walnuts, and  fresh bananas
Ginger’s Stud Muffin is studded with the works: fresh ginger, dark chocolate, walnuts and honey

Vegan (no nuts, dairy or eggs):
Pumpkin Cardamom is moist and bursting with fall flavors


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